14 and 15 Jan 2006 - The Finish in Dakar, Senegal

most of the team at the finish

celebrating (photo by Doug)


last entry in the road book

gas tank / trash can

cutting off Mike's cast


Jonah and Niles

Jonah and Niles on the podium

(photo by

our team gathers a crowd at the hotel




Mike waves from the podium

(photo by

fan club

Sid and Mike


Niles and Mike expound

Laurent and Sid


the final bivouac at the Meridien

Mike ready to party


Meridien parking lot

President of Senegal with local rider


Mike babbles

13 and 14 Jan 2006 - Tambacounda, Senegal

Sid has breakfast


Niles, a touch mingy

Niles, aka Riko Suave


our little team vs. the big guys

fire started by would be looters


would be looters

more fire

Jonah, #2



12 Jan 2006 - Locals in Kayes, Mali - amazed by digital cameras and glow sticks..

11 Jan 2006 - On the way to Bamako, Mali



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