Club Pinecone: Memorial Day at Foresthill

May 26 - June 1, 2004

Fire Jumping Video (click here)


The Band: Video 1 (11.8mb)


The Band: Video 2 (10.2mb)


John playing bass

Fifi playing his gay guitar


tree and stream

hanging about (photo by Mark)

Bobbie's cool guitar


swimming (photo by Mark)

Bobbie McFifi-Knievel (photo by Kersten)

Gerald (photo by Mark)

the jumping ramp (photo by Kersten)

riding (photo by Mark)

breaktime (photo by Mark)


Big Red and Carrie (photo by Mark)

Merlinder (photo by Mark)

Uhh, who gave Bobbie the axe?



chillin' lakeside (photo by Mark)



Big Dumb Tall Dude (photo by Mark)


Beached Bobbie (photo by Mark)


tree stump

hanging around (photo by Mark)

Welcome to Camp Pinecone


Kevin, jamming

Pineapple upside down cake

big steak


Fifi axes

hanging about

more hanging about


nice bike collection

the welcoming party (photo by Mark)

ready to ride (photo by Mark)


Kersten (photo by Mark)