The Cactus Needle Exits....

May 15, 2002

So, the needle has been in my hand since April 2, some 43 days now.  It really wanted to come out.

I could now see not just the white part where it was putting pressure on my skin, but I could actually see the needle underneath the skin.

I was over at UDL dropping off something for Art, and decided to see if I could put pressure on it to get it to come out.  I had done this earlier in the day to no avail.  To my surprise, out sprung about 1/4 of an inch of needle.

So I paged my doctor on Robin's advice, not knowing what to do.  He called back, and matter-of-factly asked if I could pull it out.  I told him I hadn't tried, but could.  So as I was on the phone with him, I got out some pliers and yanked away.  Presto, the needle was out!

Pictures below...

P5160007.JPG (330552 bytes) P1010067.JPG (274734 bytes)
P1010074.JPG (137915 bytes) P1010068.JPG (273177 bytes)