April 1 - April 7, 2002

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Mechanical Problems

Physical Problems

Day 1: La Mesa, CA to Los Banditos

Minor overheating in some of the steep rocky single track.


Day 2: Los Banditos to San Quintin

Broken side panel mount from a relatively minor crash, causing a spectacular saddle bag fire hours later.

Scratched and bruised thighs from crash

Day 3: San Quintin to Catavena

Leaking countershaft sprocket. Fixed by cleaning it out and adding stop leak oil additive.

Swollen and extremely painful right hand due to cactus bite

Day 4: Catavena to Bajia de Los Angeles

Leaking kickstarter seal, and the bike begins to shift poorly.

Bruised and/or cracked ribs after crash in deep silt, hand continues to swell from cactus bite.

Day 5: Bajia de Los Angeles to Punta Bufeo

Nothing new, just the continued shifting problem.

Same old ribs and hand problems

Day 6: Punta Bufeo to Rancho Mike

Massive overheating and oil leaking in bottom end.  Bike had trouble starting and would not idle.

Hand feeling better, swelling going down except for where the needle went in, ribs still hurt like hell.

Day 7: Rancho Mike to La Mesa, CA

Exhaust silencer had fallen off, bike still gushing oil, won’t start or idle.  After pushing the bike across the border, we get it running again, but it finally gives up the ghost for good 16.1 miles from the trucks.

At this point, who even cares anymore?