Pi Pi

October 7, 2001

I've got to get my digital camera fixed..  Some of these pictures suck, and half of them didn't even come out at all.

Our friend from Germany looking serious.

Babs.JPG (59405 bytes)

Jen showing her appreciation.

Finger.JPG (129141 bytes)

Jen and Barbara

JenBabs2.JPG (158388 bytes)


Trucks on the way.

Trucks.JPG (87299 bytes)



Charlito.JPG (178307 bytes)


My goofy self portrait.

DirtyMe.JPG (178267 bytes)

Questioning my photo skills.

JenBabs.JPG (154971 bytes)


My bike still no worky.

Me.JPG (152158 bytes)

Everyone helping Gary load his bike.

Gary.JPG (181320 bytes)