Airheads at Death Valley IX

February 16th-19th, 2001

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Walker Summit

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View from Dante's


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Hellar getting a little help

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Hellar, Allen, Tad


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Bad Picture of Tad crashing


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Hellar and Tad


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Backside of Panamint Range


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Tad Crashing again..


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Hellar and Allen


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Manson Ranch


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Manson Ranch


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Wildrose Canyon


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Base Camp


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View from Dante's


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Walker Summit


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Walker Summit


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Walker Summit


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Riding into the Valley


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The bikes...

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I was trying to take a picture at 100 mph and 70,000 miles.  I found it a little difficult to hold the camera straight.

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Me in the snow


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The group


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Fixing the GS


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