The 'Back to Work' Tour

September 12th - 17th, 2000

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Crater Lake, OR

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One Big Tree

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Camp at Crater Lake, OR

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Etna Creek, CA

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Crater Lake, OR

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A bird at Crater Lake

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North Fork, Salmon River

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Crater Lake, OR

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Cecilville, CA

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Another bird at Crater Lake

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North Fork, Salmon River

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Cecilville Road

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Near Callahan, CA

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Rogue River Gorge, OR

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Kendall on Cecillville Road

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Bird at Crater Lake, OR

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Road to Crater Lake

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Kendall at the North Fork

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Cecilville Road

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Antelope Lake, CA

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Alderpoint Road

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South of Mendocino, CA

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View from Sawyers Bar Road

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Crater Lake, OR

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Rogue River Gorge, OR

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Scott Mountain Summit, CA

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Kendall at Etna Creek


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Crater Lake, OR


Day One: San Francisco, CA to Weaverville, CA 398 miles
Day Two: Weaverville, CA 224 miles
Day Three: Weaverville, CA to Crater Lake, OR 307 miles
Day Four: Crater Lake, OR to Lake Tahoe, CA 422 miles
Day Five: Lake Tahoe, CA to Copperopolis, CA 206 miles
Day Six: Copperopolis, CA to San Francisco, CA 136 miles