July 4th, 2000

pictures of Charlie doing tricks

pictures of The Blender

Foresthill01.jpg (72375 bytes)

Greg and Charlie

Foresthill14.jpg (49803 bytes)

Old Glory

Foresthill09.jpg (73182 bytes)

Wop, Greg and me

Foresthill07.jpg (54767 bytes)

The fire..

Foresthill06.jpg (65253 bytes)

Big Wop on a small bike

Foresthill03.jpg (80598 bytes)

Allen's XR100

Foresthill04.jpg (51026 bytes)

Forging the fire poker

Foresthill08.jpg (68613 bytes)

The stream

Foresthill02.jpg (65689 bytes)

Tea lights

Foresthill10.jpg (67214 bytes)


Foresthill12.jpg (78482 bytes)

The stream

Foresthill13.jpg (33443 bytes)

The fire

Foresthill11.jpg (66317 bytes)

Packed up to leave

Foresthill05.jpg (77951 bytes)